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DTA FAQs: Answering All Your Questions

Double taxation agreements (DTAs) are a familiar phrase to South African expats working and living abroad. However, for those who remain unsure, a DTA is an internationally recognised contract entered into between South Africa (SA) and another country, which regulates who holds taxing rights. As the name suggests, DTAs are aimed at the avoidance of […]

SARS Still Has Its Eye on SA Expats

South African expatriates who work and live abroad are cautioned to ensure their tax affairs are up to date, to avoid falling foul of SARS’ drive for full tax compliance. This is especially the case now that SARS has drastically turned its wheel to ensure the collection of all taxes due and payable.

“Exit Tax”: Detrimental or Desirable; What You Need to Know

When pursuing international career growth, and offshore employment, be aware that moving your person, without the requisite paperwork, will have you scoring bonuses in Belgium, but still subject to SARS in South Africa. In order to ensure optimal taxation, South Africans abroad must make use of either the Double Tax Agreement or Financial Emigration process […]